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Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Blair, Nebraska
W2W Racing
20+ Years
Actually I guess many of us just hitch up our trailer to get our RayzzzStang to the universal happy place for TMO members, i.e. the race track. But with Stars in our eyes, hoping to travel the World experiencing the ribbons of asphalt ( or cement) that cover our Globe in the form of a road course, wondering how many tracks you have had the privilege of experiencing? Started thinking about this the other day after rereading some of the posts by KonaBob , as he fulfilled his bucket list of traveling all over North America in the pursuit of fast times at racetrack highs. I know I will not be able to match his record, but it did get me to write down all the tracks I had been to, so wondered about the rest of you? I know BlackBoss will have an impressive list, also, but since I am asking the question, I will post the number of courses I have run on , first.

Bill Pemberton
22 tracks, all still in existence except one in Louisiana


Tramps like us, Baby we were born to run...
Brighton, Colorado
3-5 Years
Miller Motorsports Park - Utah - Track Attack - One day in a Boss 302S and One day in a FR500S.
Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Nevada - Lost my driveshaft before I could get on track.
High Plains Raceway - Colorado - Four tymes with NASA.
Motorsports Park Hastings - Nebraska - Third year coming up in my '12 Boss.
Pueblo Motorsports Park - Colorado - With NASA
Pikes Peak International Speedway - Colorado - With NASA
Road America - Coming in late April

Wish List at this tyme:
Watkins Glen
Leguna Seca

Many other but most will have to wait until I retire. Four more years and the bucket list will grow.


Ancient Racer
halfway between Mosport and Shannonville
W2W Racing
20+ Years
Mosport more times than I can count...
Shannonville - all layouts
Mont Tremblant full
Calabogie full
Watkins Glen full
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve at Montreal (opener for the F1 race in 1991 or so)
Ice racing circuits, 1 temporary road course type at Minden and 1 flat and 1 banked oval near Peterborough. The ovals were a blast!

Plan on doing a lot more US tracks starting this summer, just bought a motor coach and trailer for the car. Mid-Ohio for sure this year and possibly more. Car is going to become a dedicated track day car this spring.

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Blair, Nebraska
W2W Racing
20+ Years
And don't forget JDee, there is beer promised by Tyme, Me, TMS ( though he may bring some Lifted Spirits instead ) , so a drive to Hastings, Ne. in October could be on your calendar. Heh, it might be far for some folks in the USA, but I know plenty of hardy Canadians who drive down to Lincoln , Nebraska each year for the Solo Nationals, so figure I should throw it out there!?


breaker of wrenches
I've been thinking about this for awhile. I'm up for a road trip!! Just need to get more seat time this coming season and a few basic track mods on the Boss done this spring. I already rebuilt my car hauler , so it's ready to go. Cold beer could definitely seal the deal!!!
Like Rick my numero uno is Spa... maybe one day

I have driven 4 tracks in the past year and a half:
Watkins Glen - full
NMJP - Thunderbolt
Pocono - mega course

Hoping to grow the list this year!


Mostly harmless.
3-5 Years
Streets of Willow (2-3 times)
Lime Rock Park (twice)
Thompson (2-3)
NJMP - Lightning (twice)
Palmer (2-3)

Lime Rock Park is gorgeous in the fall but that little bump after coming over the hill will ruin your day if you don't know how to be ready for it.

Palmer...I hated Palmer even though I kept going to it. There is zero run-off leading straight into rock walls and no real "straight" as it's a gentle, uphill curve.

Every time I start looking for new assignments the first thing I do is look at what tracks are nearby, so hopefully I will be able to experience a lot more!


Great idea Bill
Raceway Park of the Midlands, Iowa
Brainerd International Raceway, Minnesota -- short and long courses
Motorsport Park Hastings, Nebraska
Miller Motorsport Park, Utah
Afghanistan, 26,000 ft -- oh wait, you want automobile tracks, not picking up gas on air refueling tracks, but it was 4 minute laps, left hand turns:)

Need to get to Topeka some day, and back to BIR since I haven't been there for a few years.


breaker of wrenches
Mont Tremblant , once back in the 80's . 86 Toyota Corolla GTS
Shannonville , several times , 1st Gen RX-7, Focus RS and once in my 13 Boss
Calabogie full track , Focus RS
Ford Performance Racing School Utah , Focus RS. Adrenalin Academy

Mosport is on my bucket list as are any others I can line up!! ;)


Phoenix, Az
While often thought first as an exercise in futility, I’ve been to a few:

Gainesville international raceway
Circuit of the Americas
Whatever raceway Laguna Seca
Bondurant West
Bondurant School (with and without looper)
Mondo course
Wild horse pass main
Wild horse pass East
Arizona motorsports park
Reno Fernley raceway
Thunder hill (east west and combined)
Race Sonoma / sears point (many configs)
Inde Motorsports Park (many configs)
Miller motorsports park / Utah
Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
Spring Mountain
Buttonwillow raceway
I’m counting the Long Beach Grand Prix (I have one lap on a pwc gts car, unbelted but still counting it)
Others I’m sure I’m forgetting, not counting a dozen or so kart tracks

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Blair, Nebraska
W2W Racing
20+ Years
After the comments on Spa that drew me back to 1963 when my Dad took me to Nurburgring in his Wingman's ( dad was a fighter pilot and we were stationed in Germany at the time) new Mini Cooper S. We told mom we were going to Trier ( my favorite German city because of all the Roman Ruins) , but instead Dad zipped up to Nurburgring where we did two laps for one Deutschmark ( about 25 cents). I can still remember him smiling and screaming , " We are going 100 mph !!" Now the car would not quite do that , but this was in a downhill section so we might have touched it , but I will never forget we were still flat flying in that little box. It was our secret and even though I lost Dad in Nam in 66, I never told my mom till I was in my late 30s. I still think it was one of the pivotal moments that made me want to race someday.

So I guess , I will kind of cheat, and bump my number of tracks to 23, since I kinda of co-piloted that Mini around Nurburgring in my mind, and it probably is still my favorite all time track -- we ran the full Nordschleife!!
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TMO Intermediate
I should know for sure by the beginning of April if I am moving to Germany late summer. I do plan on bringing the Boss and will be 90 min from the ring and double that to Spa. I should establish a "rent a boss" program for TMO members while I'm there!

High Plains Raceway
La Junta
Pikes Peak International Speedway

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