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HMS on the Grand Am Course

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Had a blast, Janice came out to help out in the pits for the two day event ;D It can get tiring for an old man and I am pretty sore today. Ran the car hard both days and I am happy with my progress I'm learning to drive the car to it's capabilities. Still I was out of control at times, need to refine my skills some more, ran off track more times per day then all of my other track days combined :eek:

There were several Grand Am teams there, how cool was that to be on track with them! They were very professional and did not scare us, just made me feel like I was standing still at times. The banking is nothing like Daytona, even if the turns are banked they feel flat running through them at speed.

The slicks were a lot of fun, they make you feel like a race car driver. Some may disagree with me on this this one but as good as the slicks are it made me appreciate the NT05's for what they are, cost and wear. It is hard to explain this but I put the NT05's back on for a session at the end of the first day and still had lots of fun, I did not feel like I would never want to run them again.

The square setup with the slicks also felt great, very neutral. I felt less over steer then the staggered setup I have been running. For now I am leaving it alone, no changes to the sway bars. The only time I was feeling the tracking control saving my butt was through turns 6 and 7 but other times I went through there fast and did not set it off so it was on me not the setup.

More pics and vids later, just a few for now, not sure of the caption for the first ones "oh no blown engine" "oops" or "leaving everyone in the dust" then one running with a site member.

Nice photos, did Janice shoot them? I really like the last photo of the two Bosses.

Did you feel a lot faster on the slicks? How much of an improvement were they in braking and cornering?
ArizonaGT said:
Cool photos, with that DP and Vette for company, you look like you're actually IN a Grand-Am race!

Yea buddy, if you told me even a few months ago I would be out in the banking like that and with those cars I would have told you to get your head checked ! ;D !


Rick, Janice did not shoot those but here are a few of hers (and the pics above). The cornering was great with the slicks, just point and shoot. First day toward the middle I started to feel a little motion sickness, lol. I not so sure the braking was that different, then again it could be me and a lack of experience of them? I did switch to a set of ST43's and they have a nice initial bite so I tried braking deep in the zones once I got use to them. Need to pull them off but the wear looks OK from a quick visual. Steve at LPI talked me into trying them out.
So far I have uploaded the full road course vids only, I have hours of vids. Getting spoiled with HOD here, six 25 min runs Sat and seven 30 runs on Sun. Cost me another windshield this weekend, it has about 200 chips in it, 40 big ones and at least on crack.

My best time here was 1:49 a while back. The best laps were 1:46 this weekend on the NT05's (first vid) and the slicks (vid two) ran a few 1:44's

One good note is the heal/toe light came on this weekend. I still missed a few but I am getting better. The less I thought about it the better they became.

In the first vid I get passed by a couple of Grand Am cars. At turn two and three I try to keep up with them, you can guess how well that worked out, good news is it will not take me too long to get the grass out of the bumpers tomorrow ;D
The biggest difference with the slicks is turn seven, you can hear me near or at full throttle through there.
bigman18 said:
It was super weekend.

Jose, yes it was. Here is the vid of our first session (Sat) in the banking following you for several laps. If you have the vids of me please let me know. I still have not watched all but we had some fast laps in this one, I had thought so, until until I ran out of gas :(

My Conti/Hoosiers did hold up till the end, the LF inside was very worn and a lot of center wear mostly on the rears. I tried to stay around 36 PSI hot but I feel it could be a little lower. I just did not want to roll the edges on the banking. I also think the tires had some extra center wear from Daytona on the R.



Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
During last year's race, the announcers were noting that HMS was pretty hard on tires, because of the minimal banking in the infield and the compound of asphalt/concrete used for the track surface itself.
ArizonaGT said:
During last year's race, the announcers were noting that HMS was pretty hard on tires, because of the minimal banking in the infield and the compound of asphalt/concrete used for the track surface itself.
Yes I have heard it was paved with seashells and now that the infield asphalt has worn down it leaves little pieces of sharp shells sticking through. I figured I would heat cycle these before wearing them but that will not be the case.

Jose more pics here

Helmet cam with Jose's LS ahead.


Hood cam, not fast laps as the track was damp, you can see the black clouds but I never even noticed them until I came out of NASCAR turn four into a downpour. Good thing I saw a few drops between 3 and 4 and slowed down.

smittytx said:
Great pics and vids. You should have just posted the 3-3-12 third session and stopped it at 1:30. 8)

Yea, if only. He was very conservative on cold tires, as you can tell that did not last long. I'm surprised I had the nerve to go into the banking for the very first time alone in front :eek:

He is one more with helmet cam long version (some time with the LS). I have two more to post for the guys who enjoy these, one with the helmet cam when it was cloudy so you can actually see the whole track and one more from the hood cam.

Thanks guys for the kind comments, I'm learning, slowly but learning ;D

OK, here is the helmet cam without the sun washout. I will post a last vid from the hood in this post later rather then a new one so check back if interested.

***Nevermind, it's posted***

looking good scott! I am going to take the liberty and put in a request for a camera angle. Can you mount the gopro right on your front splitter in the middle? I think that would be a bad ass shot!
Scott, So jealous right now. How many people can say they have shared the race track with Grand-Am race teams. ;) If it was me, I be getting a nice big print of this one.


As far as the washed out track when using the helmet mount; Have you tried putting the camera in Spot metering mode? That should help.

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