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Home made splitter help

Grant 302

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There’s some discussion about spitters the the aero thread in the road racing forum here:

There’s also some varied opinions on how splitters work or even how strong they need to be. So please know there isn’t consensus here about ‘what is best’ regarding splitters.

My opinion is to mount the largest and lowest level splitter that you can tolerate for ground clearance.

I think you need to make it as strong and abrasion resistant as your anticipated level and frequency of contact with the road surface.

I think badger’s and Mad Hatter’s splitters are perfect examples of practical, economical solutions.

People will insist on certain materials, angles, and apparently all sorts of other requirements and doodads. Many of which are false. Good luck on sorting that out and I’d like to see what you end up with in the aero thread.



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Thank you. Some how I missed this thread, I think we have a few hours of reading, at least. We will be doing plywood, at least to start with.

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