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Homemade homelink garage door opener

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Not having a homelink in the Boss was a bummer, so I took it upon myself to integrate one.

Picked one off ebay for $35, a little time, some JB Weld and presto, Homelink in your Boss.....

I decided to put the homelink under the steering wheel kick panel.

Start by popping off the plastic panel under the steering wheel, there are 2 bolts and then just pull off the panel, it's held in by clips.
You will have to measure placement of the homelink on the plastic panel and then transfer those measurements over to the metal panel that is behind the plastic panel you just removed.
Trim the metal panel and a small portion of the dash.

Mark and measure the holes for the buttons to pass through

Trim the back of the panel so the homelink will sit flush, use the JB Weld to hold in place

You will need to build up the little nipples on the end of the buttons, so I built it up with some JB Weld

Here is where to get a ground and 12v wire, I wanted power all the time so this is the wire I used.

You will use the JB Weld to hold all the pieces together as the top piece won't snap into the homelink from the thickness of the plastic panel that I drilled through.

Final view:
Very nice. I've also seen the same thing done using the overhead panel that houses the cabin lights.
That's a cool write up and upgrade. I ended up getting a gentex mirror with compass and home link built in the mirror. Took the easy way out... ;D
Managed to get a 2012 Mustang sun visor with homelink from a salvage yard...$60 and it was plug and play into my 2013.


"You get what you Create!"
Gotta say...I sure admire folks who can whip up creative solutions like this. Unfortunately, I have absolutely NO skills in this arena...Well done! The visor scenario may provide hope for me, however!
Another solution is to upgrade your rearview mirror with an auto dimming homelink mirror from Gentex.

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Here is a link to another forum thread that describes changing out your factory rearview mirror for an auto-dimming, homelink mirror.

I purchased the Gentex 50-GENK41A from Amazon for $165.00 and used the information in the thread to install. Installation took about 1.5 hrs... to take full advantage of the mirror's capabilities you will need one-12v switched power source, one-unswitched power source (so that you can use the homelink feature with the car off and keys removed), and common ground. The mirror was a direct fit, works great, and I was able to rid the car of the "clicker."

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