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Hood Decal and TracKey PCM problem

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So I picked up my Race Red with Black (Torsen & Recaros too) #1429 in September and noticed that the detailer scratched up the hood decal (along with a lot of the paint). After three visits of 3 to 15 days they finally got the paint polished properly, but I am now on my 5th hood decal. The dealership has agreed to paint the hood instead of trying another decal. Hopefully problem solved.

Last Friday I got the TracKey installed. Seems to work well except I have not seen the "Trackey Idle Enabled" message. I took it into the SVT dealership today - they tried to figure out the problem and now the PCM has crapped out. With the US Thanksgiving holiday no one was available at the SVT tech line so now I have to wait until Monday to find out the problem. Has anybody experienced similar problem with the idle and/or the PCM crashing?

Ironically the hood painting appointment is Monday. C'est la vie... at least it isn't snowing yet.
Welcome to BMO. I read about another owner not seeing Trackey Engine/Idle Enabled as well. I wonder if there is a software glitch out there. Seems to me it should either work or not. The hood decal is a minor annoyance to me as it doesn't look good with all the orange peel. I've been tossing around the idea of removing it so it looks like the hood on a LS.
This just happened to me on Monday. The laptop says installed but the car doesnt show Track key. The dealer had to upgrade the software. Once they did that i had my car back in 30 minutes and everything was fine. As soon as i used the red key it showed on the dash. Hope this helps
Hey if they do have to change the pcm have for racing put the track key program in it before shipping you will be happy.
Finally all fixed. New PCM then reinstall TracKey. Removed the hood decal and it is now painted jet black - a beautiful job with no edges looks and feels like polished glass. Just in time to put it away for the winter.
Glad to hear Ford took care of you. They're not perfect, but I have the impression they do their best to get things right.

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