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Hood shakes/flaps at high speed 2012 Boss. Is there a fix


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Sugar Land, TX.
I don't know if this belongs here but....

My 2012 has in my opinion a pretty severe hood shake/flapping at speeds above 60 mph. At the trailing edge by the windshield.

I'm going to a track in March where speeds may be approaching 130+.

Other than a Tiger hood, is there a way to calm this down ??

I've been following the thread on S550 doing the same, .I might give that a try.

Thoughts ???


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St. Paul, Minnesota
I had that issue appear one track day with my Tiger hood and it turned out to be a loose undercarriage plastic part just aft of the air splitter. Ensure you do not have some other part that has come loose that could be creating the unusual air flow.


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new york
On the high speed shake,if all the bolts/hardware is good... I removed the molding under the hood at the base near the windshield,which helped my hood shake at speeds. It made for better airflow


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New Jersey
This sort of hood shake is almost always due to an issue with the splash tray on the bottom of the car. If that is loose/missing you will get hood shake.
If the under tray is fine try adjusting the rubber hood stops.


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Ottawa, On. Canada
Ditto on that - I've been north of 100 and not have any issues ...

Flyboygsxr said:
Hood shake at 60mph is not normal. Hood shake at 130mph is a characteristic of that year mustang. I would check the hood and make sure everything is how it should be.

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Flyboygsxr said:
Hood shake at 60mph is not normal. Hood shake at 130mph is a characteristic of that year mustang. I would check the hood and make sure everything is how it should be.
This is true and hood shaking at or just above 60 MPH may indicate other issues with air flow. I do remember rear hood shake issues reported back in 2012/13 but it was at speeds of 130-145 while running Daytona track days.

Venting under hood air solved the problem, i.e. Tiger Racing hoods and to some degree, removing the underhood weather strip at the base of the windshield helped to some degrees.

But shaking at 60? Something is wrong. Check your hood latch as well.

Please let us know what you find.


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I had the same problem and it was distracting me at the track.
I picked up a takeoff hood and added hood pins to the outer hood bumper holes.
Made a thread in setup so I didn't have to cut or weld on the chassis.
No more flex or shaking.I had the hood painted to look like a 69 Boss.
Looks a lot better than the original decal too.


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Bedford TX
Old thread here but thought I'd chime in since I just bought a '13 GT. I was at COTA this weekend and on the backstretch got it up to 120 with no problems at 8:30 am with low/no winds. During the second session at 10:30 am hood cavitation started at the same backstretch and, wow, gotta say that freaked me out a bit! Winds picked up quite a bit out of the south so there was a good crosswind on that part of the track.

I say this because as I left the track for the day, I drove north with the wind on 130 going 80. Ish. No problems and no shake. Anyway, when I turned west on the 45 still going 80 ish the hood started flapping like a flag in wind. Aerodynamics were certainly in play. Creepy.

I'm going to pull out the padding, tighten down the splash shield and report back next time I'm going 80-ish on the roads. Thanks y'all!

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Quit driving on rutted dirt roads as not only is your hood shaking your are getting nasty rock pits all over the side panels!

Okay , as noted before 60 mph is odd, but check the items listed above along with your latch, rubber moldings etc. As silly as it sounds , had a customer year ago with a similar problem ( different make of car ) and the factory molding was crimped and letting air in at an imoportune spot , causing the air to blow through and lift the hood. Hood pins, vents, call the site sponsors , they can give you advice and product and then you can post a" Build Thread " telling us all the cool things you have done. No worries we are sworn by the sacred oath of TMO not to breathe a word to your wife --- you are quite safe.

You do understand that TMO also stands for the Trackrat Mustang Oath and we shall never divulge the expenditures you incur to make your Horse more Powerful!!

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