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Hooked On Driving Laguna Seca June 20th Track Day

Just a reminder that if you want to attend this event and aren't local to make hotel reservations ASAP.

Andy, Tom or Jim are you guys going to make this event?

I think I'll be there. I need to put in for more vacation.
i may be able to do this event.

I've passed sound before with gt500 mufflers (on my non-boss mustang), but it was within .2 decibels (on cool, overcast morning). The warmer the weather, the better chance you have at passing sound. Also, for sure put smaller exhaust discs on, at least on the right side (or bring smaller discs with you in case you don't pass sound. Sound check is taken from a little building/kiosk that's between turns 5 and 6 about 30-50 feet away from the track (on the other side of the wall, just before the bridge). You'll be heading uphill, so that doesn't help either. Many people show up with turn downs mounted on their exhaust tips and angled to the left (driver side) of the car to point the noise away from the sound booth. This actually helps and can make a difference.

Before you start a run, you're allowed to tell the marshall that lets you out on the track that you want a sound check. they'll give you a lap or two and you can come in the pits and they'll either okay you or not. If you get caught, you usually have once chance to fix the problem. If you can't fix it, many people soft pedal or short shift their cars on that section of the track, but we all know that's no fun.

what run groups are you all running in?
I ran there last Summer on a hot day, 80 believe it or not, with my GT500 mufflers and 7/8" exhaust discs and had to problems with 92 db. I'm planning on using my stock discs for this 90 db day. I can't imagine having a problem but maybe I will. I'm signed up for the intermediate run group. So far it's Moto, Fat Boss and me going. Don't miss the August 25th day as we should have a nice Mustang turn out.
If my car is in running order by then with this Oil Consumption test complete and fixed, I should be there. However, as a spectator, noise issue


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
I'll be back on the east coast. If it were the week prior, then I'd be there.

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I just noticed that the sound limit is 90db. That's going to be tough to do with gt500 mufflers. Hopefully it's warm. The heat and thinner air helps reduce the projection of sound.

Just FYI, the speed ventures event the weekend after is 105db!
So Ron and me. Anyone else? I'm running B this time around as I've only run LS once before but I'll sign up for C in August.

I'm in Rick! I'm going "C" this time. Maybe we can swing some "ride alongs" with each other, that is if you trust me!
Some news about the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca HOD event on June 20th. The event is begining to fill up (Novice group is wait listed) with lots of McLarens and a gaggle of Boss 302's. Still room to join us. HOD just completed a deal with the Hyatt in Monterey. If you have not made hotel reservations yet check out the Hyatt. If you register for a room by June 7 the HOD rates is $169 with NO resort charge added (a $22 savings). Plus there is a 20% discount on all food purchased at Knuckles Sports Bar during your stay. Early check in on the 19th will be in the Sports Bar. Just go to the Hyatt link below and register for June 19th and the rate automatically applies.

If you haven't registered for the day at the track use the following link
MGCurry said:
I'd miss my own day this coming Friday at njmp

But this is Laguna Seca! 8)

Put my CoolTech roll bar and harnesses in yesterday. Gutted back seat and rear side panels. Ready for the track. Just need to swap in my BMR LCA's and brackets, probably tomorrow or Tuesday after work. Worst case I took Wed off as well.

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