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How Do You Replace Rear Caliper Dust Boot

One of my rear caliper dust boots tore while I was screwing the piston back in. I ordered a caliper rebuild kit and have a new boot. How do I replace the torn boot? Do I need to remove the piston or can you install the new boot with the caliper / piston still assembled?



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06mach1 said:
From what I remember, compressed air will work fine. Just keep your fingers out of the way!


Use a regulator for the air. Reduce to 10-15 lbs and see if this will move the piston. If not increase gradually.

I have seen the piston exit the bore and chip a concrete wall when full pressure is used.
The boot is replaced. I pulled the caliper. You can probably seat the seal without removing the caliper and piston, but getting the inner seal over the piston properly would be a problem.

You can remove the caliper piston without using compress air. Just actuate the parking brake lever and the piston will move out far enough that you can remove it by hand.

The kit I used is a Centric caliper kit part number 143.61026. It is a complete rebuild kit. I only used the dust boot. The kit is available from Rock Auto for $3.76.

I appreciate all the tips and advice.


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