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How many spouses check out BMO?

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Mine does not even look at any of the Mustang forums, but she does love riding in the Boss ;D
She is 'Mustang Sally' & we have had a few Mustangs over the years.
It's a family affair here with my wife and kids looking over my shoulder often. But nobody ever looks at the forum without me around. My son has logged on a couple of times but hasn't spent much time here. You can it's him because he's "Illegal behind the Wheel". ;)
My daughter loves to ride in it. My son just says "tell me what I need to buy to get you into the 10's at the track". I keep laughing at him and tell him to wait till it stops makin me smile, then we will add parts.

The wife just frowns at it and tells me to grow up. She does not get it at all. I thought she was going to throw a party when I sold my Camaro. She went for 1 ride in that too. I got on it at about 60, lit the tires and got a little outa shape, she screemed for 10 mins. Never got it in again.
She hates my cars. I am good with that.
^^^ lol. I've had four cars my wife wouldn't drive and two she would get in again. Lol

I did show her the cease and desist thread which she thought was hilarious.
;D ^^^

My wife has never checked out the site as far as I know. She likes the looks of the car but interest stops there.
My wife loves the car, but she also has an aversion to going fast so i get a lot of alone time with my car. I can't wait to see her at track attack when she gets a ride with an instructor!
My wife never looks at this forum. She often asks what I could possibly be reading about on it. She's baffled when I tell her I'm learning about another mod I'm considering for the Boss.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
My wife looks over my shoulder, but doesn't understand my obsession. She still says that she thought I was 'just taking a look' when I went to go get the Boss. Don't get me started on the explanation for a 3rd set of wheels/tires...

She likes the car and the experience of riding in it, but gets lost on the 'need' for parts and doing more work on the cars.

She definitely overheard the words 'dedicated race car' when I was on the phone with my at least she understood when I started talking to her about another car :)

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