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How To Get Smoke Smell Out of Leather Seats?

So I bought a set of GT500 take off leather skins for my rear seats. They were a good price and are in perfect condition but I forgot to ask the previous owner if he was a smoker. Bottom line is they reek of cigarette smoke and unless I can get them smelling better I'll have to sell them as I'm not putting them on my car the way they are.

Does anyone out there know of or has used a product or treatment that is effective for getting the odor out? Thanks
Search around as there's another thread on BMO that goes into great detail on how to remove the smell. Good luck!
Have you tried that upholstery cleaner that comes in a aerosol can with a brush attached to the top that foams? Sorry I forgot the name. Might be made by turtle wax and has that Oxy stuff in it.

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