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Huge brake upgrade for S197 chassis

I'm swapping out street to track pads wasn't paying attention. Which way do the clips go? The caliper runs up and down. Long part of the clip up or down?
Never mind --- I think I found a pic. Bleeder up which make this the driver side. Looks like the longer part of the clip goes up.
Not the mustang's but still brembo - passenger side. Longer part of the clip up.
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Wanted to chip in my 2cents.

My car is equipped with the 4pis Brembos. When I first bought the car my first thought was these are not good enough. Coming from a GT350 with MASSIVE brakes, no way could these little 4 pis be good enough. The car will need to drive to and from track however its a dedicated track car. Will never leave the garage unless going to the track. The boys at KNS got me going on a new setup with ST47 in the front on KNS rotors ($80, yes thats right $80 for rotors). GT350 gyros are what $1100.00. Then with ST43 in the rear on stoptech rotors. Total package around $800

Having been to 3 track days now at road America, I can tell you these are more than enough brakes. Those of you who know coming into turn 5 @ 140 you need some confidence in the pedal. They bite like crazy and hold that until there is a very gentle release before turn in. As a whole they are better than my GT350 setup, I know crazy right.

Point I am trying to make is before you take the big step to getting all new calipers and gear see if you cant set up your current setup.

DSC_0204 1.jpg
@Champale - what rims are those? 19s or 20s?
Hey Adam - they are Signature Wheels SV901s in 20x10.5 ET42 up front. I weighed them and the fronts were barely 22lbs. I'm pretty sure a 19 would have fit, too - those wheels have tons of clearance in all directions for the brakes.


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