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W2W Racing
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3-5 Years
Huntsville, AL
What a day. Started at 2:30AM. Finished loading the trailer and was on the road at 3:15AM. All systems good. Headed out for Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka, KS for the final race of the year with my buds and HVR. Stopped for fuel at 6 AM near Mayfield, KY to this surprise…


No wheel, no hub, trashed axle spindle…🤬🤬🤬. No idea when it happened. No indications from the trailer. Pulled at 77MPH the entire time. I serviced all four wheels last Fall and topped off the wheel bearing grease in June of this year. Just goes to show, sometimes it just doesn’t matter what you do things just fail.

Anyway, after 8 hours at an awesome RV center in Mayfield, KY…Youngblood RV Super Center, we threw in the towel and started the return journey home rather than attempting another 8 hours away from home and then 12 hours back. Thirty minutes into the trip back…blew the tire on that side. Changed to the spare and continued the trip. Decided after a 16 hour day it was time to stop and rest. Bought two spare tires from the Firestone in Hopkinsville, KY for the remaining 3 hour drive tomorrow.

Some race weekends just don’t go as planned. Best wishes to my brothers who made the trip. I wish them well and a fun filled weekend with a safe trip home. I miss them…

If you ever find yourself in Mayfield, KY in need of anything related to RV or camping, or grilling, or golf carts, do yourself a favor and got to Youngblood RV. Ask for Trevor Youngblood. I took up 8 hours of bay time and use of his time. He didn’t charge me a single penny. Class act people…words can’t convey my gratitude for these folks.


Spending my pension on car parts and track fees.
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5-10 Years
Been there.

My red trailer decided I didn’t need right side wheels……twice. I have pulled that trailer to the west, east and gulf coast. Both problems happened with in in a 100 miles of each other on 59.

I hope the new owner has better luck.

Have a cold one and call it a year.

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