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Hydro Dipped a Set of coil covers

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
If there is enough interest I will write a how to but seeing how I got no replies on the radiator cap I will see how this thread goes first. I think they look awesome. My wife dipped the drivers side I did the Passenger.

From this ebay 60 shipped

To this for a 80 dollar kit that is only a 1/4 used.

this is the wife's dip (hers turned out better)


On the car




need to adjust the white balance sorry


Not a fan of skulls, but that looks badass. Good job.

Can you make it look like anything or is it only certain patterns?


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
yeah I am not a huge fan of skulls either but I really like it. With this pattern it is clear and black so you can make the base coat say GHIG and the skulls will be GHIG and black instead of white and black. the base coat I used was performance white.

They have lots of patterns to choose from.
this is the page to look through patterns.

another site that I came across


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
did a few more items over the weekend. here are the pics. turned out great!! if this doesnt win me some car shows I dont know what will lol.






Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
ForceofWill said:
You're really getting the hang of it now. The maf housing turned out sweet!
yeah seems not to be much interest in such an easy and cheap mod though just dont get it....maybe dip a set of boss "t" springs
you interested in starting to sell these or just doing a writeup on how you did it? I like them, would need more greyish look then white


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
jfolsom28 said:
How many meters did this take to compete everything?
my roll was .5 meter wide by 2 meters long. I got the two coil covers done, the rad cap (three times), the window switch plates, and the maf housing. ran out of paint quickly so I bought more at the auto parts store duplicolor paint match series. I have a tiny bit left.

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