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I got it!

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It was a rollercoaster ride! But I finally got it. I ordered My BOSS on July 13th and it took almost three weeks to get my VIN. After a couple weeks went by without my dealer having the VIN I decided to look for it. I was able to find my VIN by checked the North Texas Dealers Association website. I located the dealer that I was purchasing it from and it showed my car as being on order and the sticker was also on there. So with my VIN I called Ford Customer Service and they originally told me that it would be produced the week of 08/14 and would be in the paint shop on 08/15 scheduled to be produced on 08/16 and the delivery date to my dealership would be 09/06. Well I called the next day to check the status and the build date moved out to 08/17, but there was good news also. Now FCS tells me the new delivery date has been moved up to 08/31. I was ecstatic! Well I called virtually every day and everything sounded good, the cars gets moved to ramp 51, but it sits there a couple days, but the delivery date is still 08/31. Well the weekend passes and the car is still at Ramp 51, but the next day the car is now in transit but it stays at that status a couple days and now my delivery date of 08/31 has come and gone.

So the rollercoaster ride continues. It finally starts to move on 9/01, but it is on a Canadian railway train. I a bit concerned that my BOSS may be heading the wrong way. I'm in Texas and it sounds like this train is going to Canada. Well after the weekend I call FCS and find out that the train is sitting in Battle Creek, Michigan, (relief now) it's heading in the right direction. Now things are really starting to look good. On 08/07 the train is sitting in Arkansas and arrives in Mesquite, TX rail yard on 08/08.

And so the roller coast ride continues. On Friday 08/09 I received a call from my salesman and he tells me that he has some good news; the car was delivered at 7:30 AM this morning (Friday 08/09). Now the rollercoaster stops at the top of the hill. We have some bad news for you. The car was damaged while in transit. The air totally left my body and I felt completely deflated. He proceeds to tell me that the front splitter was damaged while taking it off of the truck. So now it is Friday afternoon and I can't come out to look at my car (going to my daughter's football game, she is in color guard). Well I get up Saturday and make the trip to the dealer to see the damage to the splitter and it makes me sick. As I try to get over my disappointment and the fact a BOSS should never look damaged. I finish up all of my paperwork and tell them to take the splitter off and that I will take it without until the new one comes in. Now the roller coast goes over the next hill. Just as the salesman starts to remove the splitter, he is told that I can't take the car because the Ford rep wants to see the car on Monday morning. Now I am beside myself, I have just finished all of the paperwork and I can't take my baby home. I was seething!

I came back to the dealer on Monday around noon and I am finally pulling it out of the showroom floor.

Now it's time to have some fun.

I pulled out of the dealership hitting the rev limiter (it comes quickly) and hitting 120 MPH. There is no looking back. I have always believed in breaking it in like you plan on driving it.

Now I'm just waiting for my new splitter and the LS package (brake ducts, Trans cooler and splitter with struts) to arrive.

I am loving every minute of it and this is truly a driving experience. The first stop light I pull up to and an older lady with grey hair gives me the thumbs up. And the same sort of things happen all of the way home, people speeding up to get along side of me and check my baby out. :)

It was a great day!

Number LS 493 is now at home with its new family.

I keep getting an error when trying to post pics, so please follow the link.
Congratulations. Here you go. Just cut and paste the link into the Insert Image icon from the post reply screen.

Big time congratulations!! I'm partial to those Black Laguna Secas 8)

fwiw, the LS spilitter replaces the original splitter.

Enjoy, and be safe
Congrats i just got # 473 and i have yet to bring it home from the dealer its in my name but havent been able to go get to busy hope to pickup next week
Congrats & good luck with your new LS...It looks great! My roller coaster ride is still in progress. My BOSS was supposed to be delivered Monday 9/19, but my guy at the dealership told me today my BOSS is on the train & will be here by the end of the month. It's on a rail car to New Jersey & then will be trucked to Ct. I plan on calling the Ford number tomorrow to see if they can fine tune my ETA. I hoping to see it here by late next week. All they need is the VIN# to track it, right?


2012 #552
Congratulation, it looks sweeeeet ;D

I am needing to get mine, but can't decide if I should drive it up roughly 800 miles or ship it and keep the miles off.
cloud9 said:
Congrats! Now come on up to Hastings, NE to the Boss Mustang Roundup next week and really break it in 8)

I would love to, but I am already paid up on a Road Rally on the 24th. What date is the Roundup? What is the cost?

I could possibly do both.
Thanks everyone, I feel like a proud new papa.

Best of luck to eveyone who has one on order or plans on purchasing one in the future. You won't be dissatisfied.

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