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I like the new banner pic!

It was very nice of Joe to display BMO and TDS stickers on both BOSS 302R's at Daytona. I like the idea for the BTA cars and will send Bill an email.

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Can't hurt to ask. And maybe BMO guys could do a track day or two out there after BTA is done?

Drew's car should also get some screen time up there too!

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Big fat tires and everything !
Rick , nice work ! More pictures is good. The images on the banner could rotate through a gallery of pictures. For a constantly changing banner. ( each time you log on)
My web site does this on my banner. It actually randomly grabs images from my gallery and rotates them through the banner three at a time each time you open the page.

We could use the Track day pictures as our submission gallery where all can submit photos. You and the moderators could approve pictures and load them into a hidden banner gallery where they would go live.
You have a nice website and I appreciate your suggestion. I'd prefer a more consistent image for members and guests to identify with so I'll stick with one image that gets changed from time to time. I really liked the last image I was using with both 2012 and 2013 Bosses from BTA as that gives owners from both years something to identify with. You'll see that image again.

Domestic Product

Big fat tires and everything !
Thanks, I can see keeping it static as a good thing for people to recognize. The last picture with multiple cars was great.
My goal this 2014 track season is to get some good photos. We have several Boss's and one acquaintance has a 2012 Boss 302s. He races it and I do HPDE so we do not cross paths to often but when I see it I will get some pictures.

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