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I must confess ...i like them both


TMO Race
bay area, CA
Got back the mustang from ford with the latest tranny upgrades.
Tuesday she goes to the body shop to fix the damage i did at sonoma hitting a wall.
Really hope to have her Back before SUPERGT CUP exhibition on Dec6 at buttonwillow.
On the other hand.
A week with the ZLE
today was..weird driving the mustang home.
Such different cars. Such different way to erogate power.
I need to confess the high TQ is addicting...
But also pushing the gears till 8000rpm feels really good.
I'll keep you posted :)




TMO Advanced
I knew the camaro was in your future. I suspect the mustang will be sold off or made into a dedicated trackcar. You know Chevy also makes very good diesel trucks to pull your racecar in the trailer. I think your mustang will fit into SCCA GT2 quite well.


TMO Race
bay area, CA
The jeep tows awesome honestly.
1. Finished to change all the upgraded clutches( was missing one group )
2. Back to OEM fluid
3. Removed the spring controlling the opening to the cooler (so constant flow)
4. Made a square hole in the filter for better fluid passage at higher G.

If this works than the mustang will be dedicated completely to the track.
If doesn't for any reason.
I can sell it OEM or like this.
This car is really fast. If the pace was 1-2 sec slower it won't have any issues.

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Blair, Nebraska
W2W Racing
20+ Years
Have to Go along with Blacksheep 1 on the truck issue, having worked at a Auto Dealership Family for close to 27 years. My main capacity over the years was as the Viper/SRT and Performance Sales Mgr at our Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram store. Across the street was our Ford Store which held the title of the " World's Largest Ford Truck Store " for 14 years - yes in Blair, Nebraska , population 8,000. For many years the Ram Store was the #1 1/2 ton Ram Store in the US , so heavy experience with trucks in the Dealer Group. Yes, we have a Chevy and a GMC store , but when we hauled Vipers, Hellcats, Mustang GT 350s, GT 500s, etc. in enclosed trailers around the Country to customers we only used Ford or Ram Diesels. The Chevy's just didn't hold up as long.

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