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I promise--ONE style question for the group

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I love this forum cause everyone is performance minded. No one's posting pics or tips on how to slam the car or get that rusted hood look.

That being said I have to ask one style question. Mostly cause I want it to be "accurate". I hate the 5.0 emblem. I have a BLACK car. I have two choices and the second is my favorite:

1. A matte black 5.0 badge; or

2. A decal that is a modern interpretation of an old 302 badge. The 302 is matte black with a thin dark silver glossy border (same color as the brembo wheels). The rectangle is also matte black with the same border and the "POWERED BY FORD" will also be in the dark silver. Essentially, it'll be a "ghost" effect and probably only noticeable in direct sunlight. Its all or nothing--the 302 alone wont cover both holes left by the OE badge.

Here is a mock up, what do you think?


For the record, I have already done the other style mod I'm going to do--black q ball shifter. Now its on to the track goodies . . .


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
These aren't cheap but:

Or just remove and plastidip your existing emblems?
If its just the chrome and you don't want to buy new black 5.0 emblems try Plastidip. Quick easy and cheap. If you don't like it peel it off. My opinion but any custom vinyl will look cheesy.

I like these Saleen Darkhorse badges.
Tulsa, OK
My suggestion is to just stick with the 5.0 badge, either stock or matte black. I switched mine to flat black to match all the other matte black accents on my car.

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