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I went to the track and guess what I saw?

I went to High Plains Raceway outside Denver on Friday for a lapping day. There were probably 100 cars in the morning session I was in. Two Mustangs: my 2013 Boss and another 2012 Boss. Zero Camaros. Bunches of Corvettes, Porsche, BMW, Lotus, etc.

THREE 2015 Chryslers, all came independently. An SRT Challenger, an SRT Charger, and...wait for it...a one week old Hellcat Challenger! Yes, people are tracking these beasts now. All had the 8-speed auto. The SRT Challenger did very well, but the Hellcat was, quite frankly, way beyond my expectations. That is one very fast car in a straight line, and ladies and gentlemen, it goes around corners and brakes well, too. I never went head to head, but it would have destroyed me on the straights based on what I was seeing, and it was getting around the rest of the track pretty dang well. I really wanted to see one of the numerous C6 or C7 Z06 'Vettes enter the straight with the Hellcat, but I never saw it happen.

So there you go. Cubic horsepower, a good suspension, and six piston Brembos, can make a pig fly!
LOL I've only seen one Challenger on track and it had heavily modified suspension. It went pretty well too. I'd love to catch a Hellcat by it's tail... ;)

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We had two srt8's running in our events down here in Chile. Very hard to pass on the straights!! Good brakes but really heavy and it showed up in the corners. They were pretty much stock though.


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There was a hellcat at Blackhawks in May.

Ran well every other lap. Driver stated that for every fast lap he had to run a cool down lap to keep the brakes happy. We were wondering what he was doing.

He was in the novice group so I did not have a chance to run with him. :eek:

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