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Idle RPM

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Thanks for the input guys. I have had a weird feeling lately that something is wrong with my car. It just seems to not have the power like it did before. I had a Bama tune for a while but then thought about switching back to stock tune after my emissions issues and. I still have my CAI installed but I put the baffle (venturi system or w/e its called) that Airaid sent with the kit for people running a stock tune. Now the engine seems like its not smooth. Im getting some knock on my SCT Livelink data logger too, but dont know if its abnormal or just the engine adjusting timing. I am going to install the stock CAI tonight and then do some logs.

Its so difficult to diagnose vibration and "rough" idle with LTs and BBR motor mounts and I have noises all over the car with the windows up. This whole time I had the windows downs ALL THE TIME, and wouldn't hear anything. Ive had them up only when there is rain and there were never any odd noises. Took the center console off and now I can hear the transmission making a little bit of noise (as if little pebbles were inside) when my foot is off the clutch. When I get on the clutch the noise dissapears. The second noise seems like its from the back. Happens when I come to a stop and occurs intermittently. Deep vibration/grinding when sitting still after coming to a stop, or when im rolling and have the car in neutral.

The idle question was just to get a sense of where it should be. On the stock tune, im sitting around 600, which seems pretty close to what its supposed to be if stock is 650.

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