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If you have tinted windows please come on in and post your pics

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
trying to decide what % tint to put on the boss and dont want to go to dark but would like to see what different % look like on bosses before I decide. So if you guys can post some pics and tell me what % you got that would be great!! Thanks for posting!!


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
yes I live in VA Beach. I have gotten tickets in my beater ride. It has 20% but when they meter it its more like 14%. I have 20% on the 06 Gt and never gotten any flak about that car. The laws here are 30% back windows and 50% on the side I believe which might as well be nothing. I was thinking about going 30% all around or 25% back 30 on the sides. Most cops dont bother unless you have them black as night. Its the inspectors that give you the hard time.
getting mine done tomorrow. peoples republic of massachusetts has a 35% all around law sticking with that. cops aren't bad the inspection stations are horrible.


Inspections? What are those? :D
We don't have those crazy things out here--they let us run the pony's and wagons with just tags and insurance.

Good luck on finding a good tint solution.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Thanks guys thats what I am looking for. I am not worried about what is legal or illegal in the state of VA just looking to see what tint %'s look like on the bosses to determine what % I can get away with.

Tommy what % is on your GHIG?


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Tint comes in percentages. The lower the number the darker the tint. the % is the amount of light the tint allows to pass through. From your picture I am guessing it is 20%
oh remember the days in the 80's when you could get "5" limo tint

also 5 inches of 5 on the windshield and then they cut it down to 3

and then whats the point

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