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I'll be MIA from track days for the foreseeable future

Norm Peterson

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a few miles east of Philly
Snipped from the Howe balljoint thread,
A short note on that last bit . . . seems I'm being placed on an anti-coagulent regimen, so I guess that at least for now I won't be getting out there on the track in the foreseable future. But I'll tag along here anyway until I come down with CRS.

I can see where there might be an outside chance I'd try running the paced parade laps at a TNiA event if they're still running them. I'd like to, anyway, but no promises.

Thanks, Norm
Norm, get better soon and be sure to stick around here as you are treating and recovering.

In the hopes of making you chuckle there is a funny meme going around: "I just bought my track buddy a get better soon card. He's not sick, he just needs to get better."
Norm, With all this TMO support you got, along with our Prayers....You'll be OK.....................Blink of an eye...catch you at track side.....................Just watch that Heavy right foot.....................

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Fully understand your predicament and will keep you in my thoughts. The Mustang will still give you pleasure rowing through the gears on the open road , and it is great therapy to take your mind off the other issues. Do take care, keep us updated, and as so many have noted, don't stop dropping your words of wisdom and experience.

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