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Illuminated Boss scuff plates form Ford

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I just found them. Tempting but I do feel a 100% with their look. Maybe if they were red white and blue.
I have to agree, that's kinda pricy considering I can get a completely custom one made for roughly the same price with my choice of design and colors.

I wonder if Ford is outsourcing these, cause that is not even the BOSS 302 font, its barley even close...

Anymore I think Add-Ons like this should be Custom, not "Mass-Produced" and there are several people and custom parts places that do this so there are options out there...


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I know that the illuminated scuff plates were an option on the GT and V6, is there a wiring harness to make this plug and play?

Not crazy about the font...but wouldn't mind adding one of the OEM ones onto my Boss.


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Something about them just doesnt do it for me. the font the square blocks after Boss and 302 and it looks to small for the overall size.

I am curious as to if the wiring harness is there too.
Somethng about adding that to what is in essence a car begging
For the track. Id rather put the funding into a clutch
Shifter or something that would make the car
Faster/safer or quicker

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