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In the middle of DIY change for my discs and pads, got a question.

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
Hi, I installed my powerslot rear discs and Pagid pads with no problems, the discs where very worn and not much pad left. Moving to the fronts, I saw the pads are like new after about 8 track days and the rotors have barely any lip at all on them after a year with some 20 track days. They do have the typical fine micro cracks in the surface

Should I leave the fronts alone? or change to the slotted discs as well? I have a two event next weekend and was caught between having new discs for the event or keep the bedded in old discs and pads.
If you can't catch a nail on any of the cracks, they don't have to be replaced, but since you have them might as well.

You need to use them brakes! 8 track days and the pads look new?! I think most guys would be thrilled to get 3 days on a set of pads. But if they are truly newish, they should last two more days.


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Traction control on, on track? Cause for the excessive rear wear. Overheats and accelerates the pad and rotor wear. Go Sport mode or off if you can.
If fronts are not worn past 50% thickness you can keep them on. What pads are on the front? If they aren't race compounds you should change to a compatible Pagid on the front.
If you do that you will need to have your rotors clean cut or changed to be compatible with the new compound.

Pete chime in here with the Pagid setups for heavy Mustangs.

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
Yup, I have the traction on sport, two clicks with the brake down. Maybe its time for me to turn it off. Have the Pagid RS 29 fronts and RS 56 rears form Pete. Amazed how well the pads are wearing, Stock lasted 4 events and I was much slower.

I guess I will switch the discs since the car is in the air!

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Post a pic of the old discs? Do you have a set of (measurement/dial) calipers to read the wear/thickness?

Can't hurt to run a fresh set, but I trust a set that has already been stress-relieved on the street and under track use more.

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