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Install a Torsen?

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I do not think it is more trouble then it is worth .. if it is what you want. Any good dealer or shop should be able to set it up. It is a matter of cost more then anything. I am glad I have it tracking the car but I have not driven a Boss with the standard TL so it is hard to compare. Like any mod if you can afford it and it makes you happy it is worth it.


The 8.8 that comes standard is not the standard setup. It comes with the carbon fiber clutches and a much stiffer spring.........this clutch set up is awesome. Ford Racing parts and i believe GT 500 stuff.


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I did the swap to a torsen and 3.55 on my GT and am very happy. I do a lot of tracking now and you can feel the car plant a little more coming off of the corners. The traction lok in my brembo car was a carbon clutch version same as the boss and GT 500 cars It is a good unit but the torsen biasing and torque transfer to the wheel with the most traction is the ticket for road racing. For high shock load launches like drag racing I wouldn't recommend it.

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