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Install The E-Z Do-It-Yourself Snap On Engine Breather Kit

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Here is a quick vid (s) on the installation of the canister kit. Raw video so no poking fun at me ;D Sorry it is in four parts, when I tried to combine these the audio was silent, watch in order. It was also a little difficult to do while holding the camera. Anyway I don't think it came out too bad except the four parts not being one. For those getting the first set of the canisters. I did not go into the clamps near the snap fitting in depth in the video. You will need to twist these around and tighten down the clamp once it is in a position you are happy with.

The canister is a Peterson brand and compliant with many different racing sanctioning bodies. Hose is Pro-lite 350 or similar quality, fittings are Earls or similar quality, hose connectors and hose elbows are OEM Ford parts.

When finished start the car and let idle for five minutes before driving to reset the idle, no tune is needed.

Cost for the canister is $335-400 depending on how many are built at once and cost of parts which can vary. The price always includes shipping charges in the US. Canada will be $10-20 more, actual shipping charges only. There is a 3% paypal fee added if using that, I would rather a check or MO.

One change that will be made is the canister kit will come without the hoses attached, see picture one below. These hoses attach very easy, just screw on and snug in place. They do not need to be tightened hard. You can use a one inch wrench, adjustable wrench or pliers, use a cloth over the hose fitting if using pliers to avoid scratching the black finish. If you want the canister with the hoses attached, test fitted to my car and the clamps (where the hoses snap into place on the valve covers) positioned and tightened in place, it will be an extra $40 charge.

If there are any questions please let me know.


OLD info .....
I will update this thread with a complete how-to on the kit that is being put together. Several people asked for detailed instructions, for now I did a quick fit on the bracket to make sure the bracket was correct. cp85gt did a wonderful job making the bracket and the shop was able to follow his instructions for a perfect fit. We all owe him a big thanks. The shop made the bracket out of aircraft grade aluminum. I am no metallurgist and just shook my head like I knew the difference, in the end they felt it was better then doing stainless like we first talked about.

Until I get the full instruction up this should show how easy the install will be, even Gary will be able to do it ::)

Here is how the bracket will come, one bolt will hold it in place that you will need to attach.

This is how the canister and lines will come

Where the bracket fits. I have my strap mounted very low, I did this due to the shape of the firewall. This way is actually better since the strap will be in the middle of the can and the nut that needs to be loosened will be more accessible.
Nice work Scott. That bracket was a great idea and really makes this kit a no brainer. Aluminum works just fine for me and I look forward to updating my install. CP great job designing the bracket.
sadil said:
What is the purpose of this breather? Honest question since I dont know.

There are several reasons for doing a mod like this. The first and bigger reason is that with the factory PCV setup these engines tend to suck a lot of oil into the intake while doing the job of evacuating the gases in the crankcase. For many people the aftermarket oil separators sold will remove some or most of that oil during normal street driving.

Driving the car harder will lead to more blow-by increasing the oil that gets sucked into the intake. This is where the breather canister comes in, it deletes the PCV valve and acts as a natural vent of the gases. While that is not good for the environment it is good in racing and tracking applications. By removing the pressure created and loss of vacuum by the PVC it frees up HP. Also the engine is not burning off these gases only a fresh mix of air and fuel which will not add HP but stop a loss created by the PVC system.

I am not an expert on the system but this is my general understanding of how it works.

ArizonaGT said:
Any update on shipment for these bad boys?

Yes and no, I did get a shipping notice from Summit late today on the fittings that were back ordered. They should be here in a few days. However I am still waiting on the tube from Ford which is also back ordered. That is the tube on the passenger side that I need to cut up for the end fittings. I still do not have a firm shipping date on these but will update as I know. Most of the work is done on these so as soon as the remaining parts arrive they will ship out.
ArizonaGT said:
Very good, thanks for the update!

I called Tousley today and they said the tubes are showing next week, no exact day, sometime during the week. Then they will need to be shipped to me, so figure a couple more days there. BTW, I did try to order the order the tube that fits the F150, same fittings but a different bend in the tube. They are also back ordered :mad:
I will look for an update on the Ford parts needed to start sending these out Monday. They should be in this week or at least that is what I was told. I appreciate everyone hanging in there and realizing this delay is out of my hands. On a good note I did get all the others parts in from Summit for the lines on Friday.

I had a spare elbow tube in my track bag and the tube from the PCV to intake off my car needed for the fittings. I was able to put together a complete unit and shipped that to John, he was the first to send a check and that is the only fair way I could think of getting this one out.

The delay has worked out in a good way by getting to send one out to check for any problems in the design. The hose lengths are different then the setup on my car with the bracket installed. I spent a long time trimming down the lines by a quarter inch at a time to get a good fit, not to tight and not too much slack in the lines. I wanted to see the install went well on another car and John has told me it has, installed right on without any problems. He said he would post some pictures up soon.
Good News!

Called Gene at Tousley today and the parts came in! Should have them by weeks end. I will do my best to ship them out late this week but they may not go out until next Monday. It depends on the shipping time of the remaining parts to me and how fast I can complete all the work.


Relapsed Turbo Addict
I've read through the threads, but I didn't see anything specific to plugs for the intake manifold and/or intake tube. Did I completely miss this, or is it included in the kit?

Looks great! Definitely interested.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Boostd4 said:
I've read through the threads, but I didn't see anything specific to plugs for the intake manifold and/or intake tube. Did I completely miss this, or is it included in the kit?

Looks great! Definitely interested.

Also wondering about the intake block-off plugs--are those provided? If not, can you tell me where to get em?

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