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Interest in Ford Racing Splitter?

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I did something similar a while ago with the world challenge 10-12 splitter (might be the same part)? This is the only picture I have on hand (doesn't show drill points) but have an EPS we were using to waterjet replacement blades with. Couldn't differentiate between the ones we had cut and the original units from Ford.

View attachment 93289
Any chance you you found the file with the hole pattern?

I am getting the M-16601-S - World Challenge Splitter into solidworks so I can get some more of them waterjet for myself since Ford no longer makes them and they are not very easy to get your hands on. I know... there are better splitters out there that will make more DF, but having a spare Ford Racing splitter may be rather convenient for lots of folks I would imagine.

Would anyone have any interest in one? I don't have pricing yet (I imagine pricing would be a large driving factor for peoples interst...), but I am just throwing a feeler out there. I wouldn't make any money on them, I would just ask to pay for the material/labor for a local water jet shop to cut them + shipping charges.

Also, conviniently, once I have the CAD done up, I can very eaisly just push the leading edge out by whatever length someone would want, have it retain the OEM mounting locations but get a slightly larger version of the splitter... could also encorporate an under K-member section as well. Again, not trying to make money on this, but if I am already doing the work for myself, I figure it may help others out since these splitters are no longer made.

Anyone have any amount of interst in them assuming a reasonable price (I hope under 500 bucks per blade, but I need to get the CAD finished and sent to the shop for quote... then I would have a better idea).

To the Admins - hopefully this post is kosher since I am not marketing/trying to make a profit, just looking to help fellow S197's out :)
I'd be interested as well.
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I might be interested, depending on price. I had a fellow region member make one for me two years ago using a CAD file I made for it. The price was very reasonable since he wasn't making a profit. I need a spare since I've already cracked the new one at one of the splitter rod mounts.
Hi guys, sorry for the long delay on this. I just got a quote back from a local water jet shop, they want $290 for a 48x96 sheet of textured ABS (fairly sure this is what Ford used, one side is textured one side is smooth), and 250 cut price per blade. I’d be able to get 2 blades per sheet, so ~400 bucks per blade. Not quite as cheap as I had hoped especially since you also need to factor in shipping to anyone who isn’t in SoCal…

Is there still any interest at this price?
Yes, I'm still on board. I'm in SoCal, and attend all the NASA events. No shipping necessary.
I have an exact ford racing “world challenge” regulation size, and I have a 1” larger file I plan to use for myself, it’s between the WC and Laguna Seca sizes.

Are you restricted on size in your class, or would you want the slightly larger version as well?

Pic attached, you can see the leading edge is nudged out 1”.

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My Boss is primarily street driven, and occasionally driven in HPDE. As such, there are no “class rules” to deal with.

I’m good with the dimensions you plan to use for your car - in between the WC and LS size.

Out of curiosity, how would this attach to a stock, non-LS B302?
My Boss is primarily street driven, and occasionally driven in HPDE. As such, there are no “class rules” to deal with.

I’m good with the dimensions you plan to use for your car - in between the WC and LS size.

Out of curiosity, how would this attach to a stock, non-LS B302?

And yup, it would mount up the same as any of the splitters do, but this would be a "replacement" for people who hopefully already have all the parts and just need replacement blades.

If you do not currently have a ford racing splitter, you would need a set of splitter support rods (and work out a way to mount them), plus some j clips and bolts. I had to rebuy all of the parts from local suppliers (Mcmaster carr and a clip supplier, I wanted nice rust resistant hardware...) when I accidentily "spontaniously removed my front end" a few events ago, so I can get the part numbers I needed to purchase to replace everything on a brand new boss 302 lower facia which should be everything you would need, with the addition of splitter support rods (I would likely check out profesional awesome, they have some pretty nice wire options isntead of rods. Gives you strength in tension, but allows for flex in compression in case you do hit the splitter on a driveway or speed bump...

I used these j clips (you can find them cheaper on amazon, but those all appeared to be rust magnets, these seem to be OEM quality replacements):

I got fasteners from McMaster Carr (lots of options for these... and I would likely go longer in the future):

So 93395A360 would be the 20mm length, but I would maybe go for 25mm in the future which would be 93395A363 instead. 20mm did work, but I had to really push upward on the splitter blade to get the thread to start engaging to suck it up into the j clips on the bumper facia. 25mm I was worried may be a little long and could risk poking through the facia... I am not sure what the original length was since my original fasteners are now lost in the desert outside of Turn 2 at Buttonwillow - lol. But 20mm worked, so I can at least vouge for that being viable. Maybe get a box of each, since the rear most fastenres could certianly use the longer bolts. I believe originally the rear fastenres were longer for this reason.

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