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It's back! Ford GT to be Auctioned Again!


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I was going to say I'd do $200, but at the rate we're going we'll need about 10,000 people to get it at $2M. So to share the car equally over the course of 1 year, 27.4 people per day would have to have a time slice. You could sit and stare at it for a little less than an hour, maybe go for a quick drive and that'd be your shot for the year. And what will we do when some jackass takes if for the round the block drive and wads it up into a ball? Probably not the best plan to acquire it, maybe just use the $200 to make your Mustang a tiny bit better.

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I'm in for $100. :rolleyes:
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For $100, you only go every 54.8 years or have to share a day. So for the $200 level, I'm third...or fourth if you find someone to split with. ;) :p :D

You'd have to raise the ante to $1000.00, then you'd only need 2000 contributors and get more seat time as a bonus, although I can't see paying two mil for a half mil car.......:rolleyes:
And that would get you a days worth every 5 1/2 years...

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