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Just a thought? 2013 Boss 302 or Gt w/track pack and recaro's

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Hello, I just was thinking about trading in my 2003 Cobra on either another boss 302 or a gt w/track pack and recaro's. I really like the boss I know it's about 10-12k more than the gt, but in the long run it will be worth more down the road. I know you can only get the boss engine in the boss also... I don't really need another car, but would like to sell or trade the cobra, cos I don't plan on keeping it, and don't want to put anymore money into it... I also know the boss is a limited production... Which makes me like it even more... Cos you don't see them everyday.. But, with the GT it would be a nice car to track and do whatever you want to it... And a little bit cheaper... My dealer has a GHIG boss right now...He is trying to sell me... I'm not to big on that color, but will admit it does look better in person than online... I really like the SBY or Grabber blue... So, just wanting some opinion's on what other people think about this? Thanks... ???
If I could have afforded a Boss, I would have one. I have enjoyed my GT and creating a 1 of 1 as well, but I would rather have a Boss. A 2013 GT with Track Pack and Recaros is a little closer, but still not the same.


If you will track it, and can afford it, go for the Boss.
If $$$ are stretched for the Boss, your GT plan with Strano bars and Steeda springs will make it drive great on the track. Add an oil to air cooler, and you're quickly moving to a great track car.

I went thru the same thing last year. A modded GT will do great. But I could afford the Boss, so did it.

You'll enjoy either way. Make sure its a color you like. Every time I open the garage door, I tell myself I love my red cars.
I had the same dilemma. Actually, I started off looking for a 2012 V6 Mustang with the Performance Pack, and I couldn't find one within three hours. Then I decided to order a stripped 2013 GT w/Track Pack and Recaros, which I could have done for $32K, considerably less than I paid for the Boss. After talking to a few dealers about ordering a GT, I found a local dealer that had a 2013 Race Red Boss coming in. It makes no sense for me to own this car for a lot of reasons, but after getting it, the only remorse I have is that I didn't seriously consider finding a Laguna Seca. If I had gotten a V6 or a GT, it would have been a cool car and would have been fine, but without modding them, there is no way I would be getting the ear to ear grin I have every time I even just look at the Boss. It is such a unique car, and while there are a few things I would change if I had designed the Boss(a Tremec transmission and real gauges for starters), it truly does stand out as a great effort on the part of Ford, and it is an absolute blast to drive. I drove a couple of GTs while making my decision, and they were too quiet and too soft for my tastes. You could fix those issues with a couple grand in mods, but then what do you have? You have a modded Mustang GT, just like the 500,000 or so other modded Mustang GTs that are running around.

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Do either! Do both!

Get the one you're not afraid to mod...personally, I won't drill or modify the Boss with anything that can't easily be reversed.

I traded a pristine '03 vert for my Boss and I have no regrets here. Just get the color you want. If the same track pack and leather recaros were available for '11 or '12, I'd only have the GT.

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