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Just Bought RR 2012 #3168

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Flew to Philly on friday and picked her up. Ran great on the 20 hour drive back to Tulsa, OK. Had roughly 3700 miles on her when we left Philly, sitting at just under 5100 now.

One quick cell phone pic. Will post more one I'm done cleaning.

Congratulations. Which wheels are on the car and did you get the stock wheels with the car?


CrazyHorse1847 said:
Thanks guys.

The wheels are blacked out 2010 GT500 style. I did get the stock wheels and will most likely use them for my track tires.

Congrats, and you've got the fasted color. Glad to hear you're going to track it, like it was built to be used.
Are the GT500 wheels 18"? If so, I'd suggest using those for track duty because of more tire choices. If they're 18x9.5, you're in great shape for 275 or 285 width tires. If 18x9, then you'll have to use a slightly narrower tire per tire manufacturer recommendations.
Have fun!
Thanks again everyone.

The wheels are 19's and are staggered they have the stock tires on them right now.

I'm debating whether to keep the stock rims for track use or sell them and find some lighter 18's to use.

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