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Just got my VIN!

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Hi all this is my first post. I ordered my Boss late July and the dealer told me expect a late Dec / Jan delivery. Fast forward to a week ago and they called with my VIN. Im going nuts waiting for this car... my third Mustang.
Congrats - won't be too long now. Once you get your window sticker, you're about a week from production. Then you wait for the train. :)
Congratulations. Even though you'll get messages that your car has shipped don't get too excited until you have a railcar number. Once you have your railcar number then you will know for sure your Boss has shipped. Ask me how I know this... ::)
MustangX3 said:
Mine is scheduled for 9/8


I think waiting the last couple weeks are the worst.

Mine was originately due 09/06, but now it's a week earlier. Maybe yours will get bumped earlier too.

What date was your's born on?

Mine was born on 08/17/11
You guys are lucky. My order was accepted on April 13th, or so my dealer says, but yet my dealer says my car is 4th quarter build. Am I getting the real story? Why would a July order be built earlier than a mid-April order?

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