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I was looking around for a tracking sheet for tire temps and other stuff and didn't see anything that I liked. Some had too much stuff or some might have had 1 or 2 things missing that I wanted so made one. It's not perfect but will do. I would have attached the excel sheet for anyone to upload so you could save and make changes to your liking but don't think you can. The PDF should be downloadable and printable. Enjoy.


  • Track Sheet - Copy.pdf
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JLT axle expansion tank installed today. For reference in case someone else wants to install and see hose routing. This is for S197 axles with the axle vent on the passenger side. It was a 2 ft section of hose. Ended up trimming off 1 1/2 inches so the hose had no dip. 1st pic from back passenger side wheel well. 2nd pic from rt side of expansion tank. 3rd pic almost straight up from under. Man that upper control arm mount is a bugger to get out. No air and a short 1/2 drive ratchet was all I had.
Tomorrows project.

The Ford performance cover has a port for a vent top on the top right of the cover. I didn't want to vent because I installed the expansion tank so took apart the old vent, tapped it with 1/4" 20, installed a 1/2" long bolt with Teflon tape as a plug and installed the plugged vent on the cover. It was faster than running out to get a plug and cost nothing. I could have installed the expansion tank on the new diff cover but thought that was a bad idea. It would have to be removed if I needed to get in the diff again, plus that in my eyes is a bad place for a vent with the majority of the diff fluid moving around just below.KIMG4771.JPGKIMG4772.JPG
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Got some used new to me 18x11s and 2 sets of 305 680s for next season. I'll vacuum seal them all with plastic bags and shop vac for the winter. The basement is always warm so don't have to worry about them freezing.
I have Apex 19x11 with cup2s. Once those are gone I'll probably get rs4s for them and use as my street, drive to from track, damp conditions and back up set.
Stacked and kinda out of the way. Just need to clean off the clag off the one.
Hardly used!

One of the used slicks was loaded up with clag the whole way around.
Heatless cleaning.
10 min later. Just wanted to get the heavy stuff off so it balanced okay. Good enough for me. The little left is extra free tread!😅. It will scrub off in probably less than a lap... No there are no gouges. It just looks weird in the photo.
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Had to get a new phone so nerded out and was able to fit a track pic for my lock screen. Screen shot pic.
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That’s awesome. I bet it would be interesting to see what the rest of us TMO’ers have on their Lock Screen….Everybody, post them up!


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