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knock under light accelleration

I have been getting a short period of knock under light accelleration when in 5th or 6th. example cruising down hwy at 65 go to pass rather than downshift just push down on gas pedal and I will get about 3 seconds of knock that then fades out. I have never put anything but 93 octane in the tank. It is worse with red key than silver but both do it. any ideas. I have tried a month on Exxon and then a month on Shell Vpower with no difference.
sounds light detonation, id take it in to have it checked out. If you running brand name good gas, that would be my guess
Step 24 in the Trackey dealer instructions has a option to "activate octane adjust". I would take the car back to the dealer and have them select yes and see if that fixes it.

Thanks everybody. Also spoke to Ford Racing. Said normal under those conditions and also to correct would be to turn octane sensor on. This would give a little less performance. Detonation or performance? If they say normal guess I can roll down the windows and never hear it again just exhaust.
detonation may cause damage if it occurs occasionally. i wouldn't sacrifice engine reliability for a little performance, which you may not even feel.
I have to disagree there is no "engine knock" that is acceptable, I would really question this techs advise on this
Honestly, I have noticed no knock under any kind of accelleration, low RPM, high RPM, regular key, Trackey, low elevation, high elevation. Gotta wonder about "acceptable knock"... ???
If you have the exhaust discs removed, you prob wouldn`t hear it if it was pinging. With the stock discs it was plain as day, with my 3/4" you can barely hear it but it`s there if you listen.
I called ford racing also and they agreed that octane adjust is what needs to be on from the trackey program if you hear any pinging. It`s not like you are gaining any power from the tune so if you want to enjoy all the features of trackey and have no spark knock like the reg key than get the octane adjust activated, which I will be doing in the near future.
I called ford racing again today and enquired about the octane adjust setting in the trackey and that I wasn`t comfortable with any pinging. I was told the ping was designed into the trackey tune and it`s nothing to worry about? ??? Guess it depends who you talk to??

still thinking about the octane adjust just for piece of mind.

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