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Laguna Seca Grand AM Race: Who's Going?

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I know there are a few NorCal locals on BMO so sign in here if you are going. I know one crazy member from AZ is going to make the trek as well. Anyone else from out of state going? Maybe we can meet at a location outside the track and drive and park together. Below is a link to race info. Note the Mothers Race 'N' Rod Nationals at the bottom of the page. I'm going to sign up mainly for the parade lap. I told my kids about it and they went nuts. ;D
I'm in!

Depending on your route there's a pretty good coffee shop in South San Jose right off 101 near where HWY 85 meets up with it. Pretty much everyone who's driving down from the bay area and north bay will drive right past it. I would have to drive the wrong way for about 5 miles but no biggie! It's Flames Coffee Shop on Santa Teresa and Bernal. Bernal is the exit from 101. I also know of a pretty good one in Gilroy if folks are coming over 152 from the central valley.

When's the cut-off day to sign up for the parade lap?

Just bought my FRI tickets on the website. Good thing I was talking to my bro on the phone. His daughter's 1st B-Day party is going to be that SAT. I bought the parade lap ticket. It says it includes the green parking pass. Unless there are two levels of green passes maybe you need to get a refund on the extra? Might want to find out for sure on that one.

Maybe we can drive down and meet at or near your hotel for breakfast on Friday.



Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
5 DOT 0 said:
I've confirmed that Mark will give us a tour of the #15 Ford Mustang Boss 302R at 4:30 PM Friday afternoon on July 8th. See you there.

Outstanding! I'm assuming this means we meet up at Multimatic's pit box?

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