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Lamin-X headlight lense film installed

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I installed Lamin-X headlight film to keep them from getting rock chipped on track days.
I got the 6% tint. I don't drive at nite much, so I don't mind the slight decrease in brightness.
The tint does make the front look nicer though because it tones down the bright headlight reflectors.
The film is thick, and easy to install. Clean the lens, squirt a little water on the film's adhesive side, position and squeegee. Also includes corner light film, but I didn't install them yet.
Was at a small town car show last week, and a guy not too far from me with a RR Boss showed up, so the Boss twins were on display. Amazed at how may people asked "are these cars the same?".
My Boss is on the right.
does anyone know if the '13 headlights are the same as the '12. I didn't see a listing for the Lamin-x for the '13 yet.
At first glance I thought you had a his and her pair which would have probably been the only family matching set.

If you are concerned about track/road damage, I strongly recommend you consider a clear film front and impact area install. Can cover front end including front of hood & fenders, A pillers and front edge of roof, mirrors, rockers including lower rear fenders and wheel opening lips. In my neck of the woods, they are enthusiastic about street "repair" using sprayed tar with sharp gravel sprinkled on top. They don't roll it or sweep up the excess loose gravel. We motorists do the clean up by driving through it. Chip repair for paint and windshields is profitable here. Of course on track debris damage is common. All it takes is someone putting a wheel off and the rocks and gravel are going to be picked up and thrown into following vehicles as well as along the sides of your own car.

Expensive initially, but money well spend if you are really trying to avoid that kind of wear and tear. Compared to a proper repair job, it is cheap.



I'll have to take more pics. Car show front view are all I have now.
American Muscle sells a similar product.

Mike, I kicked around a clear bra for quite a while, but couldn't eat the $800+ price. I don't tail gate on track too much, so that minimizes the road rash, but its slowly showing up with my 1,600 track miles.

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