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Launch Control Issue

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I was a little late to the game on getting my TracKey installed on my 12 Boss, but finally got it done. The Red Key is certainly night and day between the Black Key, but one of the things I was excited about was launch control. I configured it for 2600...Stationary w/ clutch in...1st gear...pedal to the floor and hovering at 2600. Then I pop the clutch keeping the pedal mashed and for the first few seconds the car just bogs down before it picks up and takes off. I really wish I know what was going on. I thought the first couple times I tried it, it was fine. Any input is appreciated.
Mine is set at 2900,it just fries the tires,right over to 7500 RPM's so fast you have to hit second and the samething again.When I got the Track Key installed they had it set at 1900 RPM's and it bogged down,I reset it to 2900,cured the bogging down.Need slicks to use Launch Control.


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Bossy1908 said:
Doesn't trackey automatically disable t/c and enable competition mode?
there is no competition mode....

it messes with engine tuning nothing to do with traction control or advanced track. default is both on. one push turns just traction control off. brake + two quick pushes of tcs button turns on sport mode. brake + holding downing button for 8 seconds or so turns off advanced track and traction control (this isnt for a novice to mess around with you will crash your car)
mycroft said:
Traction control enabled?

Exactly. I did the same thing. Matter of fact, I kept upping the launch RPM to try and get past the stumble. I made three passes and mentioned to a friend "I haven't got this thing to spin a tire yet"...his response "turn off the traction control dumba**". DUH!
OK...You guys ROCK! Finally got a chance to test today. Turned off TC and VROOOM...the tires were still spinning into 2nd gear! I could have swore that it worked when I originally tried it and I guess I assumed that TracKey auto turned off TC. Guess not! Thanks again for your help and the good info!

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