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Legit Website for OEM Parts?

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
I would probably go to one of the TMO Sponsors first , like as many folks on here have used them with good luck. For Ford Performance parts, Capadi Racing ( another site sponsor ) is a great choice.
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3-5 Years
Looking to buy some miscellaneous oem parts for my 3v. Was wondering if is a legit site I can use or if There are any recommendation.
I use for any OEM replacement parts. This is the official Ford parts website. They’ve been shipping freight free, no minimum for the last couple years, although their site says this is ending 3/31/23. And the shipping method is always FedEx overnight. I’ve literally ordered $10 worth of OE hardware and had it to my door next day.

They’re also running a new customer special right now - $20 off a $75 order!

You have to try different dealers in your area to see which ones have the most aggressive price profile setup. For here in SoCal, it’s Raceway Ford or Sunrise. Look the parts up, put them in the cart, and then play around with selecting different dealers. The price updates in the cart with each change.

As Bill mentioned above, Capaldi is THE source for Ford Performance parts.


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I usually use tasca ford and autonation whitebear ford. They are usually the cheapest oem ford parts including shipping.
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Lenoir City TN
I have used South Florida Ford Parts, Levittown Ford Parts and Tasca Parts in the past. Prices and shipping vary greatly. More recently I have ordered through a small local Ford dealer. I have gotten to know the parts manager and his prices usually beat out the big online parts retailers. He also searches the dealer parts inventory and can tell me if available and where it is coming from so I know how long it will take. Ford Performance parts come from Capaldi. Prices are good and service is excellent, besides Leo can drive the shiznit out of a Mustang and knows what works.

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