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Let's hope this is accurate and that it's only the black key

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Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I'm crossing my fingers, because that would be pretty damn sweet.

On the other hand, if I had a nickel for every "I know a guy that works at the plant" story that was fabricated, I could pay for my BOSS in cash.
It is weird that all of the ~500HP rumors have persisted for so long. The last and best info I had was that the engines are dynoing ~455-60 internally.
Mark said:
It is weird that all of the ~500HP rumors have persisted for so long. The last and best info I had was that the engines are dynoing ~455-60 internally.
With the slight drop in peak torque and the potentially higher engine RPM (please let it be 8000) I could buy that.

Horsepower = (torque x RPM)/5252

Sounds like they created a tall flat HP curve with the Red Key so the low end torque is higher for powering out of corners but lost about 10 peak ft lbs of torque. So even though we might not get a huge increase in PEAK torque we will get more torque throughout the power band.
How about 7,900 with the TracKey? ;D
Just saw this one, and I doubt it myself. I've never been to Essex but the engines at Windsor etc.. aren't hot tested, they validate them with torque-to-turn testing. Even if they do run test them, I work in a Transmission Plant and our test stands no longer test things in what are real world conditions, for instance, on a 5R110 the test never even goes into 2nd gear, no need to. We also do "constant velocity testing" in that the entire test occurs at a static RPM. They know what a properly built box will do when you command X action @ 2000 RPMs and that's how they test it, as opposed to the old 4R100 test stands that ran it pretty much like you would driving away from a stop light, it ran it up to the torque peak in all 4 gears and measured the shift events just like they would in the truck... it's kind of technical, but someone who works in a plant where powertrain testing is done looks at this story and I just get 'Eh?" from it. Any test that would show those kind of numbers isn't a production test, it's a development test and that kind of work isn't done in the plants, it's done in Dearborn.

Just my take on it.

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