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Let's Talk Aero

AJ Hartman

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New Jersey
AJ, am I safe to assume that a car without the fenders vented sees no improvement from the ducting on the splitter that is leading to the wheel well. If the air doesn't have any place to go, it will stagnate. No flow equals no downforce.

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No, you will still get some benefit without the fender louvers or tire reliefs, just not as much. Air will still make it out, but you are correct that it will be more difficult to get out.

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Glad you posted, it reminded me I need to save even more after Christmas since AZBoss and Dean Palmer ( my fabricator ) both told me I need a set of your dive planes. My poor wife thought I was done adding things to my race car , but I have become good friends with Tymeslayer and we all know he can not stop accessorizing. Must be some virus I caught from being around him, ha?
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