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Lightly used Track Day / Race Parts...Brembo Pro Series Brake Pkg, Suspension Parts, Wheels, Etc


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Northeast PA
All the parts below are either new or very lightly used and in excellent condition:

- Boss 302R Brake Booster - P/N: M-2005-R: Like new condition (Includes steel brake lines from master cylinder to ABS Module)
$1,900 (shipping included) - sells for $2,499 on Kohr's website but doesn't include the upgraded lines from master to ABS module



- Boss 302S / Pro Series Racing 14" Brake kit: Like new condition - Includes:
A. Front right & left 4 Piston Brembo Calipers P/N: XA2.E7 (uses 26mm thick pads)\
B. Front right & left caliper mounting brackets
C. Front right & left Goodridge stainless steel brake lines
D. Front right & left Brembo 2 Piece floating rotors
1. Inc 1 pair of Brembo rotor hats & 2 sets of slotted rings (used but in good shape)
E. 1 set a Pagid RS pads (used but w/ approx 20mm of pad remaining)
F. 1 set of used Brembo race pads w/ approx 50% remaining
G. All mounting and rotor hardware included
* Easily enough disc & pad to last a multiple track days or races
$2,900 (shipping included) - Sells for $4,429 on Kohr's website but doesn't include Stainless steel brake lines and only one set of rings







- Brembo 14" floating rotors - Includes:
A. Front right & left Brembo rotor hats
B. Front right & left slotted discs (used)
C. PFC brake pads (approximately 1/2 of the 26mm thickness remains)
$500 (shipping included) - The hats alone sell for $549 plus tax and shipping


- Ford Racing ABS Module - P/N: M-2353-C
A. Version only illuminates Traction Control light
$340 (shipping included) - $545 on Kohr's website SOLD

- Goodridge rear stainless steel brake lines
A: rear right & left brake lines
$50 (shipping included)

- Watson Racing steering wheel quick disconnect (new) - P/N: WR-QUICKRLSE
$70 (shipping included) - Sells for $95 on Watson's website

- Earls Billet Aluminum Remote Oil Filter Mount (new) - P/N: 2077ERL
$65 (shipping included) - Sells for $85 plus tax & shipping on most sites

- H&R 15mm Hubcentric wheel spacers (Used)
A. Requires extended wheel studs (not included)
$50 (shipping included) - Sells for up to $129 on most sites - longer wheel studs are included at this price

- Optic Armor front windshield (used)
A. Fits model years 2005-14
B. 1/4" thick
C. Installed on the windshield is a defroster, like one you'd find on the rear window of any street car. This allows you to remove the entire blow assembly, saving more weight towards the front of the car.
D. Purchased from Joe at Phoenix Performance - it was removed from one of their race cars. It's in good shape, but needs a little cleaning up - mainly the removal of a vinyl banner.
$225 (local pickup only - Northeastern PA)

***The front / rear coilovers below are still on my car. They will be removed and ready to be shipped by the end of the month***

- Cortex Xtreme Grip JRI Single Adjustable Rear Coilovers (used) - P/N: SHK-40-1000-JRI-SA
A. 225lbs springs
B. Helper sprnigs
C. Includes all mounting hardware
D. Approximately 1200 miles and 2-3 track days
$1550 (shipping included)

- Shelby front coilovers - Singe Adjustable w/ Koni internals (used) - P/N: CFS-40-1000
A. Manufactured by Cortex - confirmed by Filip Trojanek: Managing Partner / Lead Engineer
B. Offset strut housing - allowing fitment of 315mm tires
C. 450lbs springs
D. Ground Control camber plates
E. Approximately
According to Filip, these are nearly identical to the base Cortex Xtreme-Grip coilovers (P/N: CFS-40-1000). The only differences are they're painted Shelby blue instead of grey and the Shelby logo is cut into the housing in place of the Cortex logo. Although minimal. the only non-cosmetic difference is that they're vavled slightly less towards track use than P/N:CFS-40-1000.
$1,450 (shipping included)

- Three 3" Rear ARP wheel studs (2005-14) - having a few of these for spares is always a good idea.
$30 (shipping included) - A set of 10 is $150; or $15 each - At $30 for three, you'll basically be getting one for free

- Used set of EBC Yellow brake pads for Boss / GT track pack Brembo calipers - 75% of pad remaining
Make me an offer


- Used Hawk HPS front brake pads (75% of pad remaining) for Boss and Brembo equipped GT's
$55 (shipping included)


- Used set of front and rear OEM Boss 302 brake pads
Make me an offer

- Set of used Hawk HPS rear pads
Make me an offer


- Two sets of 4, 18x10 track wheels. They in good condition but have the nicks and scratches that one would expect of track wheels. There are Continental slicks on each rim. It looks like there is some life left on the slicks, but I would not use them due to the age of the tires and the temp changes of the Northeast seasons over the past 3-4 years. All 8 rims have metal valve stems.
$150 per set of 4. If you want both sets you can have them all for $250
Pickup in Northeast PA only - will not ship

Set #1

Set #2

- Oil filters - 2
One is a Motorcraft FL-500S and the other a Bosch Premium 3410
Make me an offer

- White Ford Racing windshield banner

$17 (shipping included)

PM if interested.

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