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Long Term Storage Tips

I am moving and will need to put my 2013 Boss 302 in storage until we get settled. It may be up to a year before I can really drive it.

I have a place to store it at my parents, but it is not heated. I looked into the car storage bags to seal it up with desiccant to keep things dry. they recomend removing the battery from a vehicle. I plan to change the oil just prior.

I should be able to get it out for maintenance to keep in good standing with the warranty.

Any other ideas on what to do or not to do?


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While you guys are answering this, I am also curious as the best way to store my extra tires (They are mounted on my stock wheels and inflated) Is there anything in particular that can help extend the life of them if you let them sit for months at a tyme?

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I had been tought to change the lubricants before storage because you don't want the contaminants sitting in there. I can see both sides. Throw some fuel stabilizer in a full tank of gas, pull the battery and stick it on a tender, wash the car and cover it.

As for tymeslayer's question, I deflate my tires and wrap them in the heavy garbage bags and store them in the house. Ideally, you want to keep them away from light, air (hard to do), and electromagnetic fields (so don't stick it under a transformer!).

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