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Looking for info: 2012 Boss 302 LS #0467 (possible trade!)

I am looking to see if the previous owner of 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca #467 (black and red) is a member here and can provide some history on the car. I believe it came from Texas and was owned by James O'Gorman (has a custom dash and engine bay placard).

The car is currently for sale at a local dealership with ~12k miles and looks to be well cared for. Has a few cosmetic mods to the engine bay (red accents) but looks to be stock otherwise. I spoke to the dealership and am considering trading my 2013 PW Boss 302 with 4k miles. Although my car is slightly newer and has less miles, I have always been a fan of the LS models and this seems like a great opportunity. Is this an upgrade or downgrade?

I would be hard pressed to trade my pristine '13 for the LS if I can't find any history on it but I am really considering at this point. Any info and suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
I don't know that car but I did the opposite - went from a KB '12 Boss to a black '13 LS. You will not regret it at all. Plus, those '12 LSs have that awesome dash mounted gauge pack!

Thanks for the feedback. IMO, it is usually easier to "upgrade" to a newer model (ie: your situation) but in my case, I would be going to an older model. Although I don't see my scenario really being a downgrade at all!

The snarky answer is to ADD the LS to your growing stable. ;)

Good luck either way!

P.S. - been missing your posts on your son's racing career!

That would be ideal, but I already don't drive my current '13 much, yet alone having two cars just sitting there. The wife would kill me!

On a side note, my son wrecked his car during practice towards the end of the season and we didn't have time to get it back to a competitive state so he was unable to finish the season. He did have a handful of W's under his belt and got his fair share of seat time. We have since sold his quarter midget and he is currently practicing in his new kart (as am I haha!). He/we will hopefully be out on the track next year racing again!
Cool. I raced KT100’s back in the mid 90’s at Prairie City, Blue Max and I belonged to the Kinsman Kart Club. I raced against Joey Hand several times. If I don’t buy a race car I might buy a TAG 125.
61BE1EB0-D8ED-4073-9B9F-CFCABDEDA9BB.jpeg I stared in Yamaha Hvy. KT 100 did TaG for 2 years and hated it. Started the Stock Honda class and loved it. It was the cheapest class that I ever raced. Faster than most cars on RR tracks.
It’s 125. I had the first TaG when they started. It was a class for older guys but WKA got involved and became a young kid class. Believe it or not but the Yamaha class got big with the older guys now. If you get a chance to drive a shifter do it.

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HAHAHA I was thinking as I was reading this last night that this thread was completely hijacked. No back to your regular scheduled program :p

:D Guilty as charged!

I’m sorry :(

I hope you're kidding, because we were! Going fast on 4 wheels is *always* on topic! :):cool:
Thanks for all the input all!

Decided to keep the '13! I went to check out the '12 LS and it was not merely as clean as I would have expected from a car with 12k miles. Interior was shabby, the red accents in the engine bay were not carbon fiber but instead painted with a CF pattern, black paint had several surface scratches, and rear bumper had a deep scratch/damage. NO Track Key, no documents, etc... Was not worth trading in for my pristine '13 with all documents and history!

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