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Loud CLANK on hard launch

Went out to the track last night and on third run tried leaving at 3100 rpms. Second launch at 2500 was a 2.0 on the 60 ft.... street tires. Anyway, when I dumped it at 3100 I got a pretty loud clank and a lot of wheelspin. Rolled through easy as my time was shot. I could feel nothing wrong on the return, but when I got back to the pits several guys asked what broke. Even the announcer said something had broken. lol. Spooked me and I didn't make any more passes, but put the car through the paces on the way home - thoroughly. I can feel no problem. Any thoughts on what might be the source of "clank" before I crawl back under or drop it off at the dealer?? Thanks in advance.


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If you don't find broken or bent parts. My guess would be wheel hop which caused sudden loading and unloading of the suspension. Resulting in the noise you heard.

Potential cause of the nose could be the upper control arm. Stock bushings are soft and could deflect enough to have metal parts bang together and produce the noise.

If nothing is broken....nothing is broken. Avoid wheel hop

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