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Louvers on the rear windshield

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ArizonaGT said:
+1. As a kid I remember the original Boss Mustangs as being one of the coolest cars on the road and I've always wanted one. But if I really wanted one I'd buy one. The 2012 Boss Mustangs pay homage to the past but also move the performance forward. I'm not planning on making my NEW Boss a retro Boss. With that said there's nothing wrong with doing so as part of the heritage of owing a Mustang is customizing it into YOUR Mustang. Which is exactly what I plan on doing.
I'd consider adding one...if it didn't make the car look too gaudy. With the C stripes the 2012 ties back to the '69. From what I've read you actually could get rear window louvers on a '69. But I'm not sure if it was a factory option or if the folks who had '69s got the louvers aftermarket.
Then I'll definitely consider adding one...I thought they were awesome in the day. But it would have to be a substantial accessory with metal hinges like the original. I don't think I'd like some plastic stick on job.
Here seems to be a good candidate: aluminum with hinges. Only thing that bothers me somewhat is that the top where the hinges are doesn't seem to be flush with the window glass or roofline. Seems there would be some drag or at least some wind noise with this unless the airflow naturally goes over the top of the louvers.


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