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LS Brake Duct Installation Notes & Pics

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I've searched for this and I can't find any detailed pix along with detailed notes.

Right side.

The wiper fluid container is in the way. It is mounted with a nut and 2 bolts. I unfastened all three, pulled the hose through, fastened it.

Here is a pix of the hose in place with the Wiper container back in place.


Left Side

I thought this was going to be easy but the horns posed a small issue and then there wasn't a way to get the hose through the wheel well guard.

So first I unbolt the horns. The horns are mounted to a bracket so I loosened the nuts on bracket and rotated the horns to point upwards.


Next, I had to take a box cutter and cut approx 1" off the plastic wheel well guard so it would go back in after.


Here are some more pix of from the install.
I had moved the horns to the inner side of the rail, gave plenty of room, passenger side same story as you. Had to cut the metal out of the hose to slip them on. Saw another boss owner cut the metal on the brake side with slots.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I just bent the horns inboard. Unfortunately now it sounds like a foghorn or some sort of tugboat whenever I need to use them; fortunately that is not often.

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