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LS Wing

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Here recently I noticed that late model restoration has a LS wing for 184.99 and a lot of the other places that carry the same part and is quite a bit higher in price. Around 350.00 to 400.00. Did'nt know for sure if the one they are offering is a ford oem part or aftermarket. Just wondering if anyone has ordered one from them and how was the quality of it and fit?
I just put on the OEM LS Wing and I'm pretty sure the Late model restoration LS wing is not OEM... I ended up getting the OEM LS wing at Parts Cheap...I figure I bought the Boss, I might as well use original parts... This site has it for about $280, not too bad.
That $184 wing at Late Mode Restoration is definitely not OEM! It's an aftermarket wing. From experience, pay the extra $$ for the OEM version if you want it to look right, fit right and last! Until a couple months ago, Late Mode Restoration was using a photo of my wife's 2011 Mustang MCA in their ads, with a OEM pedestal spoiler that I installed. The photo was removed from all their ads shortly after I brought it to their attention. Below is their ad and my original photo.


Four new holes are needed. The GT500 spoiler bolts up with no new holes.
Thanks. That's to bad, would have loved to throw on the LS spoiler as I really like it. Would prefer not to drill the trunk. Hmm, maybe I'll do it anyway...
There are many reasons to get the OEM wing (better fit etc.) but the least of which is a forum member here designed the wing and if you meet him and he see's you car without the OEM wing it will save some embarrassment :eek: ;D
I'm still torn between the RTR and the GT500 wing. I like the LS wing but I am going to avoid a pedestal wing since my last car came with a huge one and it always annoyed me.
My GT 500 had the factory GT 500 spoiler which I also purchased for the 2011 car I built. Loved the look as it fit the cars well. I was hesitant to put the pedistol spoiler on the Boss because I liked that look so much. but trying to stay with the retro look that Ford did I bought the OEM LS spoiler and put it on any way. It balanced the car perfictly and I really am glad I didn't do the GT500 spoiler. (that would have still looked nice im sure)

The OEM LS also came with a templet for drilling the holes. I didn't worry about drilling my deck lid as it's staying that way and although I take care of the car, I drive it. So it will never be a high value find in a few years any way.
Thanks again, for all the info. I ordered a OEM LS wing from @ 280.00 not a bad price at all. Thanks, 808Boss for the link. I also, ordered a Boss 302 grill emblem to go on my Boss 302S grill. I was wondering now if anyone happens to know the paint code for the gloss black for our Bosses? Well, unless your car has White Stripes. Thanks.
The black roof/wing are the same color code as the black LS, I asked a while back. There is a paint color code thread here somewhere.

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