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Made a cool Boss desktop wallpaper

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I thought the pic of Fat Boss' car and mine would make a neat desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

Click the image to go to a page where you can get it in all sorts of sizes.
The kid's got talent. Nice work!
Wow! Awesome Marco! Chris and Mike just looked at it and they liked it a lot. Chris wants a rock krawler one!
Wow that is awesome. I love it......that is now my wallpaper on my tablet, computer and iphone.....considering i also have a 2013 performance white
Thanks everyone!

If any of you guys have an amazing photo of your car(s) I'll be more than happy to create you a wallpaper with my extra graphics on it.
If you want extra bling, send me a RAW image file from a DSLR camera. I can create a HDR image out of one RAW which is what I did for this wallpaper. It's what gives the image the hyper-realistic feel.

Also, Fat Boss, can you ask Chris to send me the Section 8 Krawlers logo?
TheMarco said:
Also, Fat Boss, can you ask Chris to send me the Section 8 Krawlers logo?

He said it's just a font, but if you go to their website you can see a few logos...

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