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S197 MaxFord

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
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Blair, Nebraska
Dear Max Ford,

Heh, we could be related as my mom's maiden name was Ford, haha. Love the color of your car, but I may be a bit biased and no worry about running with those 20 year olds, you have old age and treachery to overcome youth and exuberance. Only thing I can see on your beast that you might want to do is going to a bigger set of tires and rims. A set of 18x11s ( squared ) and some sticky rubber ( Hoosier A7 or R7s, BFG gforce R1Ss, used Pirelli or Michelin racing slicks ) will handle many of those young whippersnappers.

PS - good choice for rims are site sponsors Apex or Forgeline.
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