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May acquire race built Boss 302 for th track: Torsen or locker differential?


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I am looking to acquire a Boss 302 that has been built by a well known race shop for road racing. The shop took out the torsen diff and put in a locker diff in the course of the build.

What are your recommendations as to the diff?. Should I put the Torsen back in for track work? I have about 2 years of track experience.

Advantages and disadvantages to each?
The locker doesn't have traction sensing. Usually those are for drag racing I thought.

The stock torsen is ok for track days but lacks the bias ratio for real racing. At some point your cornering G's overbear the stock torsen (I think it has 2.5:1 bias? Someone correct me). I'm moving to the T2R which has a greater bias. 4:1 or thereabouts. Thus it can unload and load more traction so it's not wasted on a tire that in the air! Lol

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The TR2 is very robust, and is an excellent choice for your intended application.

This will give you the basics of the T2R:

Good luck with your build,
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