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Maybe Ohio

So i am not a 100% on this yet, but there is a 95% chance i am moving to the Twinsburg, OH area this month. ;D So i have some questions, some track related ::), some life related.

Life related: :-\

What is the best area to look for places to rent? I'm going to be in the area for around 3 years depending on how long the Army says so.
What are the places to avoid?
Who lives in the area so i can meet some good people?

Track related: :D

What tracks are close enough to do over a weekend?
What tracks are close enough to do 4 day weekends?
What are the good shops to go to for fixes?
When do i need to start considering storing my car?

I'm excited and this is part of the reason aside from work i haven't been active lately.
I live in Indy. About 5h from Twinsburg.

I can't help you with life related but I know a little about track related :D

There's Mid-Ohio about 2h-2.5h south on 71.
I know the club I run with they're going to Mid-Ohio later this year but since it's a Monday I'm not sure if I can make it. I really want to drive that track.
Check them out. They have awesome passing rules.

Check also this
for track in the midwest.
And there is also the new track at the Corvette Museum for 4 day weekends.

For the storage problably from mid November to early March depends on the weather. This year sucks :mad:
i live about 1.5 hours from there but in pa

can't give any advice on where to live

you will be real close to summit racing for all your parts needs

you will be with in 1.5 hours of - lots of events there, scca etc

as far as drag racing you will be real close to norwalk - a great track
Let's see.
Weekend racetracks would be Mid-Ohio, Pittrace, Putnam Park, Grattan, Autobahn, and Nelson Ledges (about 20 minutes away).
Long weekend racetracks would be Summit, Watkins Glen, maybe Road America and VIR.
There are several track associations/clubs that run at these tracks like NASA, Porsche Club, BMW club. Pittrace has there own track day set-up as well.
There are 2 local autocross clubs that are trying to resurrect their clubs, SCCA and Nora Racing. It looks like Nora Racing will be back at the old Geauga Lake lot which is just 10 minutes away. I'll probably be running there. NASA has 3 events at Mid-Ohio this year in April, June, and October.
There is a big cruise night in Solon every Tuesday night in the summer, just a few minutes away. As already stated, Summit Racing's headquarters are in Akron, about 30 minutes away. Cedar Point is a must and you can catch any drag racing action up there at Summit Motorsports Park (used to be Norwalk).
I don't know of any race shops in the area that are Ford specific. I had my car aligned at the Alignment Shop in Akron as they had the equipment for low ground clearance cars.
Unfortunately, you will have you're car in storage for, on average, 5 months, mid-November to mid-April.
As far as where to live, the Twinsburg area is nice as is the whole Suburbia ring from Solon to Mayfield. Not living and working in Cuyahoga County is a plus for lower taxes.
I have not had work done here but we use to have dyno days here

the owner had some nice cobras and shelbys, not sure what he has now

check out this forum -

here is my local forum -
Smilieboy said:
Track related: :D

What tracks are close enough to do over a weekend?

I'd absolutely recommend Mid Ohio. Went there last year with HOD (doesn't look like they are going this year) Chin Mototorsports and 3 Balls:

A couple of us are traveling down from MI for the 3 Balls event on Monday June 30, and I plan on going with Chin on the Monday/Tuesday of Memorial Day (would love to do VIR that weekend, but can't make time for the drive down).

This pic is from Mid O:

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