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Maybe this is just stupid noobie thinking...

...but I can't help but believe that left foot braking would be simpler if the clutch pedal was further left, and the dead pedal between the clutch and brake pedals.
That would be nice. I think they are purpously setup to promote one foot gas/brake. I’ve done a fair bit of karting and left foot braking is very natural when the pedal is in the correct position.


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Maybe I'm missing something here, but how do you heel/toe and left foot brake? I left foot brake 100% of the time in my DD auto, but just doesn't seem feasible for my track car. And I sure wouldn't want any more distance between the brake and gas pedals in the track car.
Seems to me you could: only left foot brake where you don't need to downshift (this is my current method), or switch your left foot to the already-depressed brake pedal after downshifting (thinking about trying this, later), or you put a DCT in (might investigate the feasibility of this a few years down the road)! But yeah, you keep the brake and throttle where they are. Even with an autoblip one would need to hand off the brake pedal from right to left foot after a downshift.

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